Research shows ethnic minority doctors are less successful than white doctors

The BMJ experts question why doctors and medical students from black minority backgrounds are up to thrice times more likely to fail an exam than white students.

They earn 4.9% less than their white consultant counterparts.

This phenomenon is called difference attainment – it appears at medical school and perseveres after condition.

Junior doctor and writer Samara Linton understands that the reasons are complex and include inspection bias, a lack of cultural minority teaching staff, and prejudice within medical prospectuses.

While it is significant to ensure that inspections are unbiased and prospectuses are inclusive, the evidence points to improving the knowledge experience for ethnic minority students as a board for action.

Minority medical students experienced less supportive social and less positive learning environments which subjects to discrimination and racial harassment.

If you want the most creative health service, you want everybody working within it to be their best. The current scheme is inhibiting the ability of each doctor to be their best and flourish.