QIAGEN selected by Japan’s National Cancer Center for monogenetic screening and molecular oncology of patients

An announcement was made today by QIAGEN that its QIAGEN Clinical Insight offering was chosen by the Japan’s National Cancer Center, as a part of the program of Ministry of Labor, Health and Welfare’s precision medicine program of Japan, for the evaluation, reporting, and interpretation of monogenetic screening, as well as, molecular oncology of the patients who are suffering from cancer to make contribution to towards the identification of targeted treatments and therapies, as well as, clinical trial choices.

Center for Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics of Japan, which is a unit within the framework of the Japan’s National Cancer Center, will make use of the QIAGEN Clinical Insight platform which would include specialist’s curated proof knowledge bases, data center infrastructure and bioinformatics software in order to provide support to the Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics’ molecular reporting services for the fundamental and accommodating hospitals of the cancer genomic medicine program of the country. There has been an establishment of an in-country data center by QIAGEN in Tokyo, which would comply with the data security of Japan and the regulations regarding the privacy, to reinforce and support this nationwide program.

QIAGEN Clinical Insight is basically a cloud-based scientific decision support software platform employed for the generation of insights which are actionable from the next-generation sequencing data. QIAGEN Clinical Insight leverages the specialized manually curated evidence knowledge base of QIAGEN which is inclusive of the 10M biomed findings and thus by far represents the greatest commercial database of the world of the curated proofed data on congenital and somatic genetic variants. QIAGEN Clinical Insight interpret lowers the cost, as well as, complexity of determining the importance of the NGS data and mechanizes guidelines for the clinical action ability from pathology & oncology firms.