Qatar’s QR 22.7 billion have gone to investments in the healthcare sector

Ebtihaj Al Ahmadani, a member of the Qatar Chamber, said Qatar is one of the largest health care expenditures in the Middle East. In 2018, QR22.7 billion ($6.2 billion) in healthcare was invested by the nation, up 4 percent from the past year.

Al Ahmadani said that, while attending the lately concluded 12th Arab-German Health Forum in Berlin, Germany, Qatar ranked 5th best in the globe and first-ever in the Middle East, according to Legatum Institute, a think-tank in London to measures enhanced life expectancy, enhanced health benefits, and investments in health facilities.

Al Ahmadani spoke to the forum that over the previous few years, the Qatar healthcare system has taken major steps in terms of the number of medical services and students as well as public expenditure on healthcare.

She said that medical learners in Qatar are studying in Weill Cornell Medicine, Qatar, which has graduated 384 physicians since its inception in 2001, and in Qatar Universidad, where the first batch of physicians will be graduated in 2021.

She observed that Qatar Healthcare Practitioners Council (QCHP), in partnership with all educational and academic organizations and distinct medical bodies, is a not-for-profit public agency that works on enhancing the quality of health care to organize training classes to qualify all healthcare professionals.

In the next decade, around 300 professionals and decision-makers from business, policy, and science participated in the event, hosted by the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to mutually address the most pressing problems facing medicine and health.

The forum was an important platform for the development and strengthening of long-lasting German-Arab business relations in the health industry.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Jordan, Mr. Nael Al Kabariti, the General Secretary of the Arab-German Chamber of Trade and Mr. Martin Matz also took part.

Due to a growing demand for contemporary norms and effective solutions, the Forum seeks to encourage and further develop successful cooperation among German and Arab company partners in the healthcare industry.