Putting a blockage on France’s two centuries old attachment with Homeopathy

In almost every household of French, there is at least one container of spherical pills which pretty much resemble the Tic Tacs. They are basically homeopathic medicines with Latin names.

A two centuries old practice where a health panel is set to discuss the future of finance for homeopathy has been seized. The statement came from the Poinsot that Why is there hostility against it when we are contributing towards the care for patients? According to the critics, the homeopathic pills are no more useful than the Tic Tacs, and that giving funds to the homeopathy encourages people to avoid the conventional medicines at times when they are in dire need of it, for example for the treatment of cancer.

One of the supporters of homeopathy said: “Many generations of the French patients have been treated by the homeopathy. Why should the future generations be deprived of it?”

The wave has already been turned against the homeopathy in other places of Europe, mainly in the United Kingdom and Spain, where the National Health Service urged the doctors to stop prescribing to the patients, such remedies, saying it is the best way and place to control it.”

According to the claim, the medicines for homeopathy are made by the dilution of an active ingredient which is either the venom of snake or tree bark, to the point where it gets no longer visible and there are no traces of it left. This belief is endorsed by the homeopathic doctors.

David Beausire who is a doctor at the hospital in Mont de Marsan saw many patients who were terminally ill. He told that he gets regular consultations by patients who are too late because they report that they first tried alternative paths to medicines inclusive of homeopathy.

He stated he wasn’t an extremist. But since there is no such proof that it actually works then there is no reason to test that.