Alzheimer’s disease

Providing important insights into Alzheimer’s disease

Some of the highlights regarding Alzheimer Disease are:

  • It is the 6th major cause of deaths in the US. (Yes, people die from the disease itself, not because of the complications of the disease).
  • Around 5.8M people in America are living with this disease. By 2015, it is anticipated that the number will become 14M (if you’re aware of the Alzheimer’s or your life has been affected by it, you will understand its horrification)
  • In 2019, Dementias and Alzheimer’s will result in the expense of $290Bn and by 2050, the cost will be $1.1 trillion.
  • In the United States, every 65 seconds there is the development of Alzheimer’s
  • In between 2000 & 2017, deaths caused by heart disease declined by 9% while the deaths due to Alzheimer’s boosted by 145%
  • One in every 3 senior dies because of the Alzheimer’s or diagnosis of other dementias. The total of deaths due to this exceeds the total of prostate and breast cancer.

It was revealed by The Alzheimer’s Association that in the state of Ohio, two years back, there was a total 5,117 number of deaths caused by Alzheimer’s. There are 603k caregivers who are providing 687,000k hours of care without any pay. There’s a risk to the health of these caregivers.

It was advised by Doctor Fargo that still the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is of exclusion because it rules other conditions which similar symptoms. Take the example of Lou Gehrig’s disease which has pretty same symptoms as that of the Alzheimer’s.

The biggest risk factor for this disease is age. As the expectancy of life increases, more and more people will be engulfed by this disease. So, does it prevail in under-developed countries?

Doctor Fargo stated that in the third world countries, life expectancy is way lower than in developed countries. But, as those countries are developed and there is a rise in life expectancy, there is a rise in the Alzheimer’s is also anticipated.