President Trump’s Meeting with Pharmaceutical Companies: A remarkable day for Drug Manufacturers

After his recent visit to India, President Trump’s meeting with Pharma Executives was expected to end on bitter note as the former has always maintained his view on pharmaceutical companies as looting or ripping off in the respect of medicines and drug prices, but on contrary the 10 seating Pharmaceutical Executives were almost shocked to see the shift in the tone and attitude of the President Trump, as he not just spoke calmly with all, but also praised every sitting individual in the Cabinet Room. The room consisted of Executives from Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Gilead and Pfizer.

The reason behind this melt down was said to be his take on vaccines of Covid 19, as he was constantly talking about the advancements towards these global ailment. To answer Presidents question, the executives told him that, Companies would complete testing within months and are aiming to bring Vaccines in a years’ time. American President seemed to be pleased and fascinated both as he kept referring all the Executives as ‘Geniuses’.

The significance of this meeting increases more as this is the latest effort in order to assure faith in public that Government is taking aggressive steps towards prevention of Corona Virus. Speaking of Corona Virus, there are already 89,000 cases of Corona virus affected till date and almost no proper Vaccination towards it and that’s why this step taken by U.S Government needs to be appreciated as the American Pharmaceutical Companies are considered as the best in the business.