Pregnant Women Effects From Opioid Use

Opioid is a very dangerous substance that is addictive and has a lot of negative effects on the body. However, it is used as a prescription drug in extreme cases when pain is the issue or when certain diseases affects the patient. It is commonly used with pregnant women at certain cases were complications occur.

However, a recent study conducted by a team of researchers were able to understand and control the impact of opioid use by pregnant women. The problem with pregnant women using opioid is the fact that flows directly to the infants body, affecting it negatively. The results and findings will be discussed in the conference known as Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2019 Meeting, taking place on April 24 – May 1 in Baltimore.

The study was led by Dr. Rachana Singh who commented on the study and results saying, “Since 2016, the Perinatal-Neonatal Quality Improvement Network of Massachusetts along with other state level stakeholders, launched an initiative to actively involve birthing hospitals in the state to improve overall health and social outcomes for the maternal infant dyads impacted by OUD. This process included sharing best practices; a shared database to collect de-identified data; educational materials; serial webinars; biannual quality summits; sharing of statewide and comparative individual hospital reports; and hospital site visits.”

The study included the use of 1434 pregnant women who used opioid during their pregnancy. Results showed that 80% received medication assisted treatment (MAT).