PPD-SNBL gets recognized amongst the Top-Five Growth Business & Desirable Employer by the Randstad Japan

PPD-SNBL, which is the joint venture of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories which is Japan’s largest clinical development service supplier, and Pharmaceutical Product Development LLC which is a pioneering international contract research firm, has been enlisted amongst the top 5 advance business and the desirable employer by Randstad Japan.

In recognizing the rapid growth of the joint venture, Randstad Japan, which is a subsidiary of the international leader in the HR services industry i.e. Randstad N.V., praised the joint venture PPD-SNBL for its accomplishment with the retention and growth of staff. In it’s Growing Companies Research 2019, the recognition was announced. The research was based on a survey which was conducted by taking response from 7000 respondents and was conducted by a 3rd party research firm in the metropolitan area of Tokyo.

The Senior Vice President of the clinical department, Sebastian Pacios, passed the following statement: “our joint venture in which the global capabilities of the PPD resonated with the expertise and profound knowledge, as well as, the scope of the Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories within Japan. PPD-SNBL propelled us to the forefront of the industry’s CRO in the country, and made us able to get the attention as well as retention of exceptional talent.”

The Chief Financial Officer of the joint venture, Toshihiko Seki, stated the following: “Our success is because of the 3 factors which are: consistency in growth of our every year’s workforce, holding the turnover rate of employee to 4 to 7% since the formation of the joint venture, putting on strong emphasis on the Japanese philosophy that one should treat the employees as a family and this is the main reason why we have such strong bonding with the workforce. We are very excited about the recent recognition by the Randstad and are looking forward to continuing the success.”