Political leaders called on by Patient groups to state their commitment for healthcare in the upcoming federal elections

The question is being raised by the patient groups for why the political parties of Canada are not performing well job at the articulation of all-inclusive approach towards the healthcare in the run up towards the federal election. Support was expressed by the Federal Health Minister for the report of Hoskins which was issues a week ago, but, this report is a non-comprehensible approach towards healthcare. Such a strategy must be covering the whole range of care from preventing to treating to soothing and end of life care with special plans for the rapidly growing groups inclusive of the survivors of survivors of cancers, seniors, and people who are living with lasting conditions.

For so many years, investment for critical health care needs has taken a step aside to the financial problems. Now is the time for every Federal parties’ leader to make the needs of the patients its priority, and make an announcement about their loyalty and commitment which will aid in keeping the Canadians healthy.

Consultant for Health Policy, Mr. Louise Binder, Save your skin Foundation, passed the following statement: “People of Canada are in general proud of our worldwide healthcare system, however, there is a need to do more. To our surprise, Save your Skin Foundation has witnessed so many people being forced to sell their everything just to get the proper treatment of cancer in Canada. This is not acceptable and there is a strong need to address this. The Federal Government must take steps and move forward.”

The Executive Director & Chairperson of CONECTED, which is an organization collaborated with various patient groups of the nation, Martine Elias, passed the following statement: “It is very obvious from the Nanos poll that the people of Canada have prioritized healthcare but our politicians aren’t on the same page. This must be addressed so that the people of Canada not only live a longer life but can also enjoy a high quality of life.”