• PMC Group International has acquired Copperhead Chemical Company.
  • Now PMC Group International can increase its presence in the Pharma market.

An independent arm of PMC Group Companies, PMC Group International Inc. has acquired Cobra Investments Management Inc. and its two subsidiaries, namely Copperhead Chemical Company Inc. (CCC) and Copperhead Investments Inc.

According the agreement finalizing the takeover, 5 FEB 2021 was the first day of PMC Group International Inc. as the owner of CCC and Copperhead Investments Inc. Located on an 875 acres facility with 53 buildings in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, CCC is the manufacturing arm of the three entities acquired by PMC Group International Inc.

Copperhead has been the sole manufacturer of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved cardiac therapeutic drug nitroglycerin in the United States of America (USA) for over 70 years. It is also a custom manufacturer of drug dosage forms. Apart from a major producer of energetic chemicals (explosives and propellants) for the defense industry, CCC also produces as well as a novel class of preservatives and antimicrobials. Its products are sold globally.

Dr. Raj Chakrabarti, the President of PMC Group International said that the three acquisitions would help his company to increase its penetration of the pharma market. He said that the new acquisition would fit neatly and synergistically with other Pharmaceutical services offered by PMC Group International, along with manufacturing companies, such as PMC Isochem in France with three sites that included manufacturing of excipients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) as well as drug development services, drug discovery services, and protein engineering. Dr. Raj Chakrabarti also quoted PMC YM-Pharma in Hyderabad, India, as an example. This company provides process development services and advanced pharmaceutical intermediate manufacturing services.