Pete Aguilar proposes a reduction in prices of drugs

Pete Aguilar proposes a reduction in prices of drugs

Pete Aguilar pointed out that he has, three times now, stood with his hand on the Bible and proclaimed the pledge which began with how he promises to support and stand by the U.S. Constitution. He acknowledged that the pledge of the office held a certain weight. That weight seemed heftier in the last couple of weeks.

On the 10th of December, the impeachment articles were officially put forward against the President of the United States, Donald Trump, by the House of Representatives.

Pete Aguilar stated that he stood behind this decision because the very Constitution that he promised to defend reads that no citizen of the United States of America shall be above the law.

He said that even though a chief part of his job is to hold the president responsible, it is not what drove him to run for California’s 31st Congressional District’s representative.

Aguilar stated that he made his way to Washington because he was familiarized with the problems of lack of well-paying jobs, the increasing costs of healthcare and housing, and the area’s deteriorating infrastructure impacting the families in San Bernardino County, while growing up in the Inland Empire. Even though numerous problems need attending by Congress, none of them are as significant as the increasing healthcare costs and prescription drug prices.

Irrespective of race, age or financial standing, all Americans will be faced with the increased prescription drug prices at some point in their life.

Following many years of lack of action taken to deal with this issue and an effort by the Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump to deprive millions of Americans of their healthcare and increase the prices, the House Democrats has finally reached a solution for the problem.