Peroxfarma’s Epaplus Arthicare Supplements Aim to Help 15 Million Americans with Joint Pain

Millions of Americans wake up every morning to severe joint pain, defined as a seven or above on a scale of 1-10.

From 2002, the number of Americans with severe joint pain grew from 10.5 million people to 14.6 million, and it is only projected to get worse as the Baby Boom generation continues to age.

Not surprisingly, Americans are turning to alternative methods of dealing with pain when traditional approaches fail. This explains why 75 percent of all American adults take dietary supplements,  and almost 90 percent of American adults say they trust their supplements.

Peroxfarma, which is a market leader in joint-care supplements in Europe, will soon unveil its Arthicare product line to the American consumer. The company just came back from an annual conference held this year in Orlando where they met with buyers from major retailers throughout the country.

“We have developed supplements that offer a unique combination of ingredients,” said Joan Xiol Foret, the CEO of Peroxfarma, which is based in Barcelona, Spain. “We back up our products with science plus we only use premium raw materials that follow the strictest GMP standards.”

Peroxfarma understands that people want to maintain overall health and wellness, a significant finding from the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s annual survey.

“People just want to be healthy and happy,” Xiol said. “We develop products to help them achieve their goal of alleviating pain so they can feel their best.”

In addition to the Epaplus Arthicare product line, Peroxfarma offers a wide array of nutritional supplements, such as Epaplus Sleepcare, Epaplus Skincare, Epaplus Vigorcare, Epaplus Immucare, Epaplus Digestcare and Epaplus Vitalcare. These supplements help people suffering from sleep disorders, digestion problems and decreased libido.

“We have a wide array of products that can help people live healthier and happier lives,” Xiol said. “Our supplements allow you to fight back against pain and discomfort.”