People find it hard to keep their weight in check as they age, a new study reveals

As they get older many people to find it difficult to keep their weight in check. It has been revealed by the novel research at Sweden’s Karolinska why this happens. The research showed that due to the decrease in the Lipid turnover in the fat during aging, it is easier to gain weight, even if you eat less or exercise more than before. The study got published in the journal Nature Medicine.

Fat cells were studied by scientists in fifty-four men and women over an average time period of thirteen years. Meanwhile, all subjects, irrespective of whether they lost or gained weight, exhibited a reduction in lipid turnover in the fat tissue, which is the rate at which there is a removal of fat or lipid in the fat cells and stored. Those who did not compensate for that by consuming fewer calories had a gain in their weight by an average of 20%, as per the findings of the study which was conducted in collaboration with researchers at the University of Lyon in France and Uppsala University in Sweden.

Lipid turnover in forty-one women was also examined by the researchers who underwent bariatric surgery, and the way by which lipid turnover rate impacted their ability to keep the weight off 4 to 7 years following surgery was also studied. It was shown by the result that only those managed to increase their lipid turnover and maintained their weight loss who had a low rate before the surgery. It was believed by the researchers that these people might have had more capacity of increasing their lipid turnover than those who had already a great-level pre-surgery.

The professor at the Department of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet and leading author of the study, Peter Arner stated that the results gave an indication for the first-ever time that changes in our body weight are regulated by processes in our fat tissue during aging in a way which is not dependent of other factors.