Patients left defenseless following health crisis in Bulgaria

Patients left defenseless following health crisis in Bulgaria

Following the move of many thousand doctors and nurses to better paying employments in Western Europe, Bulgaria is in the midst of a health crisis.

It has been noted how 3 out of 4 medical students based in Bulgaria are considering leaving their line of profession. The main countries they are tempted to go to include Austria, Germany, and Scandinavian countries.

Bulgaria has been provided with addition funding by the European Union so it can work towards improving its medical infrastructure, however, it has not contributed to evading the crisis brought about by the loss in manpower.

Conclusively, the health system is trying hard to stay afloat, and patients are derived of basic facilities.

An emergency doctor who chose to stay, Kristina Mancheva stated how she wanted to become a doctor ever since she was younger. She acknowledged how the situation is a tough one to deal with.

When speaking to Unreported Europe, she stated how the main issue in the lack of medical personnel throughout the fields, but particularly in emergency units. She added how the country is in dire need. Kristina Mancheva stated how the country is currently working with less than half of their required staff.

The previous autumn, health workers based in Bulgaria, expressed their protests by coming out on the streets. The protestors put forward the demand of a 460-euro minimum wage for nurses, and a 600-euro starting salary for doctors.

The govt. stated how it would dedicate nearly 100 million euros to healthcare. Most of this was supposed to go to the wages of the doctors and the nurses.

However, the problem is not only limited to shortage in staff. The country is rapidly aging and medical requirements are rising.

It is estimated by the U.N. how Bulgaria will, by 2050, lose 23% of its current population.