Patients for breast cancer in Germany now have insurance cover for MammaPrint ® examinations by the Krankenkasse technician

Patients for breast cancer in Germany now have insurance cover for MammaPrint ® examinations by the Krankenkasse technician

Agendia Inc., a world leader in breast cancer precision oncology, reports that one of Germany’s largest health insurers, Techniker Krankenkasse, has joined the German Pathologists ‘ Organization’s Selective Deal.

“It sends a good message; it encourages our patients and promotes our research,” says Burkhard Otremba, MD from Onkologische Praxis in Oldenburg. “Breast cancer diagnosis can often mean that patients face more complicated and unanswered questions.

Agendia’s mission is to help relieve this fear with extensive genetic research for breast cancer for women and health care providers.

MammaPrint ® uses a proprietary 70-gene expression profile to identify early-stage breast cancer patients with low or high recurrence risk. It is confirmed by many German clinics and patients in the prospective MINDACT trial. BluePrint ®, the additional test conducted by Agendia, provides critical information on molecular subtyping to further improve treatment planning. For each woman diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, oncologists and breast surgeons use the information provided by MammaPrint ® and BluePrint ® to support customized care plans.

MammaPrint ® is still pending for all German breast cancer patients. IQWiG re-evaluates all gene expression testing including MammaPrint and is scheduled to be revised in early 2020.

Healthcare insurers have already started giving patients access to the test, believing it will lead to significant patient care improvement. Agendia Agendia is a molecular diagnostics organization dedicated to improving clinical outcomes and educating early-stage breast cancer patients about their journey. The company currently offers two commercially available genomic profiling tests, which are processed through its state-of-the-art Irvine, California facility.

The 70-gene breast cancer recurrence assay, MammaPrint ®, is the first FDA-certified risk-of-recurrence test backed by peer-reviewed, prospective outcome data and included in national and international treatment guidelines. BluePrint ® is a commercially available test that evaluates a tumor’s underlying biology to determine what drives its growth. Through developing new genetic studies based on evidence, Agendia seeks to meet the changing health needs of women with breast cancer and their doctors.