• Online health services virtual companion is now available on Healthify.
  • Healthcare organizations can now reach out to more people during pandemic.
  • The horizon of services is increasing due to collaboration.

Papa’s on-site and virtual-companion health services along with health plans and providers are available through the Healthify social determinants. Healthify is a health platform. Manik Bhat, the founder and CEO of Healthify, said in a statement that due to COVID-19 pandemic, people across the country were separated from family and friends. He said that Healthify and Papa’s Health Services would help a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Mr. Bhat said that until now, it was difficult to identify senior citizens at risk and people who were in the advanced stage of infections or sometimes even early stages. Hence, there was a need for social isolation which lead to loneliness among people. Aiming to provide support to people, Healthify teamed up with Papa to make it easy for healthcare organizations. This collaboration intends to seamlessly integrate companion services into their patient care offerings which would help to improve health outcomes.

On the Healthify platform, health plans and providers can not only identify, but also search and coordinate social services for their members as well as patients. Now, due to Healthify-Papa partnership, users can request Papa Pals to offer companionship, along with assistance with everyday tasks for older adult members.