Out of the 416 health workers who were laid off, not everyone would be rehired when Ontario Health will begin the filling of back-office positions

Over 400 workers from the health sector are being fired in Ontario due to the merging of 20 agencies into one by the Progressive Conservative government.

The health officials reported that 416 people in the positions of back-office, like financial services, data analytics, planning, and communication will get to lose their jobs. In addition to this, 409 empty positions will be eliminated.

The Minister of Ontario stated that cutting off jobs is not the intention of the new healthcare legislation

There is a consolidation of 14 local health networks of the province, eHealth Ontario, Cancer Care Ontario and various other agencies into a single new organization named as ‘Ontario Health’.

The best Doug-Ford during his elections of last year said this repeatedly that ‘not even a single person will be deprived of his job’ under his government, however, on this Wednesday his promise has been broken and he even denies it.

He said near Sudbury: “I will stick by my quote: Nor even a single front-line person will get to lose his job”

The message of Ford has been contaminated with the addition of the ‘front-line’ to his original promise, and the Minister of Health ‘Christine Elliott’ stated on Wednesday that this was exactly what the premier meant always.

She passed the following statement during an interview: “the comments passed by the premier, certainly what I understood from that was that there will be no job loss by the front-line people. So clearly he has stuck with his promise.”

She told that there will not be rehiring of everyone. Some of the health-workers will be able to regain their position in a similar role as before once the Ontario Health Agency will start to fill its back-office positions. However, not everyone will be rehired.