Organ Donors

Organ Donors Need Long Term Monitoring For Maintaining a Health Life

Being an organ donor is something beautiful that all humans should be part of. We do always focus on the good thing done and the patient’s health after receiving a new organ. However a recent study suggests that it is also important to focus on the health of the donor throughout his life.

The study believes that long term monitoring is important as a few diseases might rise from the loss of an organ or the new lifestyle. This study was published in the JAMA Network Open which used data from patients and organ donors for long term. The study was led by PhD holder,  Minnie Sarwal who is a professor of surgery, medicine and pediatrics at UCSF. Minnie commented on her theory saying, “Our findings are significant for the transplant community. We want to encourage donation, yet making the process more transparent for outcomes and safer by improved monitoring for donors, which does not exist long term, also appears to be of critical importance.”

The study addressed a sample of almost 6000 people from the United States and a total of 30,000 patients from all over the world who are organ donors. There is a huge risk on the long term for different disorders and diseases to affect them including diabetes, organ failure and cardiovascular diseases. Accordingly, the paper suggests to focus long term monitoring for the donors to help prevent any problems arising from their move.