Ontario to invest as much as $75M in Orléans new health center

On Tuesday, the government of Ontario publicized how it intends to contribute as much as $75 million to a new Orléans-based healthcare facility which is expected to bring all of Ottawa-based health care facilities in one place.

According to the government, the Orléans Health Hub will be a one-storey building, situated at the northeast corner of Mer-Bleue Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard, and spread at 96,000-square-feet. It will include bilingual facilities from 4 community service providers and 3 hospitals so as to add to co-ordinated care and lessen waiting times. The health hub will make space for hospitals and health organizations such as Montfort, CHEO and Bruyère Continuing Care. According to Montfort Hospital, patients will have access to some services, at the Orléans Health Hub, that are conventionally only available in hospitals.

Hospitals and government officials have stated how the Orléans Health Hub’s specialized facilities will include rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging, mental health counselling, assessments and treatments, clinics for dermatology, pediatrics, orthopedics and wound management; and geriatric supports and programs.

The president and CEO of Montfort Hospital, Dr. Bernard Leduc, said: “It has been a long journey. Our dreams for the Orléans Health Hub have evolved a lot over the years. Indeed, it takes time to create something new and different, especially if you want to do well.”

He added how the initial plan was much greater than the present one. He hopes that it’ll be possible to expand the health facility in the coming future.

Construction for the Orléans Health Hub is predicted to conclude in the spring of year 2021 and will be open to clients and patients in the summer of the same year.