One should consult with their doctor before starting, stopping or modifying their aspirin regime

Responding to the report which got published today in Annals of Internal Medicine, Bayer realized that there might be confusion around the appropriate use of aspirin, which is approved in the US is only for secondary prevention. Aspirin isn’t appropriate for everyone, hence patients should consult their doctor first before they begin an aspirin regimen.

This report only focused on those patients who take aspirin for primary prevention, which is the intake of aspirin for the prevention of any first cardiovascular event, like ischemic stroke or heart attack.  Notably, it did not focus on those who take aspirin for secondary prevention, which is the case when someone takes aspirin as they already have identified the underlying risk of cardiovascular disease & are making an effort to prevent another event. Aspirin is still one of the life-saving preventative treatments for many patients who have already had a cardiovascular event.

The conclusion of the paper was reiterated by Bayer which was that no one should start, terminate or modify an aspirin regimen without consulting with their doctor in the first place. There are significant risks of discontinuing an aspirin regimen i.e. this increases the risk for another heart attack by 63% and by 40% for a clot-related stroke. Hence it is vital that patients consult with their doctor if they have any queries about recent research or news regarding aspirin.

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