Omega-3 supplementation leads to prostate cancer? Says a recent study


In recent few years, the consumption of Omega-3 supplements have seen an upward trend, as a large section of people take in order to keep themselves healthy and fit. Omega-3 fatty acids are basically polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which occur widely in nature, while one of these fatty acids, called as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), is an essential body fat that our body needs to function.

As per two large scale reviews published in British Journal of Cancer, states that the consumption of Omega-3 supplements or ALA’s have almost no effect on body, which completely wipes out the risk of cancer, but it increases slight risk of prostate cancer. They further also stated there is no effect on an individual’s cardiovascular health when it comes to consumption of Omega-3.

National Institute of health (NIH) states that because these fatty acids are present in a range of foods, omega-3 deficiency among healthy adults in the United States has no existence. There is a misconception in the mind of people regarding omega-3 keeps chronic ailments are heart attack and cancer at bay. These myths are busted by the researchers and experts, as they call these claims baseless.

This also creates scope for creating general awareness in terms of consumption of supplements like Omega-3. One should consult his or her physician before making any dietary changes as those small changes may leave a severe impact on their body. The conclusion drawn from these goes as Increase of EPA and DHA has negligible effect on deaths and cardiovascular events and probably without making a little or nil change in cardiovascular deaths, strokes and any other heart irregularities.”