Ohio Lawmakers To Ban Telemedicine Abortions Soon


  • The Ohio Senate has approved a ban on the use of telemedicine in abortions.
  • The ban is being advocated with the citation of REMS protocol.

The Ohio Senate has approved a ban on the use of telemedicine in abortions. Now Ohio State is one step closer to become the 19th State in the USA to prohibit the service. Republicans have a strong majority in the House. However, as two Republicans joined the Democrats in opposition, SB 260 was approved by a 20-9 vote and sent on to the House.

The 69-page bill is similar to the one in Pennsylvania, as well as three bills filed in Congress to ban telemedicine abortions. All States are citing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Risk Evaluations and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) protocol. The protocol requires that drugs determined to be risky (like the abortion-causing drug Mifepristone, or Mifeprex) be dispensed in a healthcare setting under the direct supervision of the care provider. Protocol also requires patients be advised of the drug’s dangers.

What Lawmakers say?

Republican State Sen. Stephen A. Huffman, who introduced the bill, said:

“This legislation is vital for patient safety. While it’s too late for the unborn baby, who will undoubtedly lose her life, physicians should never take this procedure so lightly as to fail to even be present when administering a drug that is known to have such serious side effects. It is a doctor’s duty to ensure that patients are not exposed to greater risk by recklessly dispensing drugs that are known to have life-threatening consequences.”

Ohio Right to Life is supporting the bill while Planned Parenthood has been actively opposing it. About 30% of abortions conducted in the state are medication-induced, while nine clinics offer this service.