Office of National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology to set Health IT Goals and Priorities:


  • Plans to utilize high quality Health related electronic data
  • Health IT infrastructure needs from 2020 to 2025 considered

Acceleration of Healthcare IT research being the top priority of ONC, it recently released, “National Health IT Priorities for Research: A Policy and Development Agenda”. This document underlines the inclination of the US government to speed up research taking place in Health IT infrastructure which in turn would boost critical research and scientific breakthroughs. This would in turn support synchronization between “research and clinical ecosystems.”

ONC claimed to have formulated this agenda after consultations with experts, in person stake holders and from a literature review. The agenda has been formulated in collaboration with the Federal Government and the relevant stakeholders, highlighting 9 priorities. Steps stakeholders can take to achieve accelerated research have also been outlined.

These 9 priorities have been classified under 2 goals:

1st Goal includes priorities- Improve Data Quality at The Point of Capture, Increase Data Harmonization to Enable Research Uses and Improve Access to Interoperable Electronic Health Data.

2nd Goal would exhibit priorities- Improve Services for Efficient Data Storage and Discovery, Integrate Emerging Health and Health Related Services, Improve Methods and Tools to Support Data Aggregation, Develop Tools and Functions to Support Research, Leverage Health IT Systems to Increase Education and Participation and Accelerate of Integration of Knowledge at Point of Care.

The goals and priorities are meant to address relevant data, tools, and infrastructure needs for the time period 2020-2025. This in turn would enable researchers and healthcare professionals to speed up research, answer complex questions and make reliable discoveries.