Obesity: A major cause for liver damage


  • Obesity can cause liver damage
  • NAFLD is linked to obesity

Obesity has become an issue of concern today which has affected people globally. Especially teens are more vulnerable to the disorder due to unhealthy eating habits as the consumption of junk food or western style diet is on the rise. The consumption of convenience food has become a part of the modern lifestyle adversely affecting the health of people all over the world. According to researchers, obesity also causes early aging. Obese people are at a big disadvantage as far as health is concerned.

Obese people have a greater chance of getting a serious liver condition, as deposits of fat could accumulate in the liver due to excess weight. This condition is called the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Liver gets directly affected by consumption of alcohol, having similar effect of fat accumulation in the liver. According to medical experts, obesity has a negative impact on liver similar to the effect where people are into alcohol abuse.

The NAFLD is one of the major causes for chronic liver diseases, around thirty percent of Americans suffer from this life threatening condition which can cause anemia liver failure, liver cancer and encephalopathy (abnormal brain function). Obesity is a condition where excessive fat accumulates in the body making a person inactive and creating a tendency to eat more, irregularly. In such cases the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to maintain the cholesterol and blood sugar levels at a normal rate causing excess fat storage in in liver cells. This can cause type 2 diabetes. Prevention is always better than cure as the ill effects of obesity are slow but severe.