Novotech reports record year for clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific

Novotech reports record year for clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific

The greatest Asia-based CRO, Novotech CRO stated how the Asia-Pacific has witnessed a record year for clinical trials when it comes to the number of researches, experienced world-class locations, and enrolment of the patient.

The ‘Asia-Pacific Industry Highlights 2019-2020’ were revealed by Novotech CRO at the yearly JP Morgan Healthcare Conference which took place in San Francisco from the 7th of January to the 10th of January. The highlights were released as part of the firm’s biotech industry outline on the advantages of carrying out clinical study in Asia-Pacific.

The company also went over the advantages of running trials with local CRO associates in the multi-region trials’ context.

Dr. John Moller, the CRO of Novotech, stated how clinical phase biotech firms now acknowledge the Asia-Pacific region for increased patient enrolment, specifically in rare ailments, oncology, metabolic conditions, infectious ailments, as well as lesser expenses for clinical research, with thoroughly experienced researchers and teams. He added how biotech clinical research has been rising around the world by nearly 10% every year, however, in the Asia-Pacific, rose by more than 25% last year.

This comes after news from Australia of how most clinical phase biotechs would be allowed a more than 40% cash rebate on the money spent on clinical research. This is a perk of conducting clinical studies in Australia.

Dr. John Moller stated how they have observed small to mid-size biotechs on a lookout for associates with similar-sized CROs and a similar perspective. He stated how they have also discovered and are directed to more effective registration and approval procedures with considerable 2019 betterments in South Korea and China. He added that they are making sure that their customers can comprehend these alterations and save themselves valuable sums and time.