Notoginseng and Lifeflower Adopted by Far long Pharmaceutical through ABC Program

Panax is notoginseng, which is known in English as Chinese or notoginseng, and the Panax is a Panax-type. They are referred to as tyánqī, tenchi ginseng, sānqī or sanchi, and three-seven root and a mountain plant in Chinese. The genus of P. notoginseng is the same as that of Asian ginseng.
Far long Pharmaceutical was founded in California in 1998 and is a complementary herbal component vertically integrated, with its own accredited GAP cultivation basis, cGMP equipment and distribution channels for the growth of its distinctive and efficient goods. C.GMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) is a licensed plant compliance firm. Farlong also owns and supplies a franchise acupuncture clinic chain in the U.S. Acupuncture Corporation of America
The American Botanical Council (ABC) announces the introduction of Farlong Pharmaceutical to notoginseng (Panax notoginseng) and lifeflower (Erigeron breviscapus). Farlong Pharmaceutical enables ABC to extend its non-profit research and educational mission by updating its distinctive HerbMedPro database with the recent studies on this botanical ingredient.
HerbMedPro is an extensive and interactive on-line database that offers information on the use and safety of more than 265 herbs, spice, medicinal crops and medicinal fungi on significant science and clinical study information.
Jing Struve, Managing Director of Farlong Pharmaceuticals said: “The fact that ABC is bringing together all of the clinical, science and research to assist and inform the general public is really good. It enables a greater understanding and understanding of the medicinal value and a broad variety of uses of these crops and extracts.” “We hope that ABC will use its resources and professional networks to promote knowledge, to help more individuals reap the advantages of NotoGinseng and Lifeflower.”
“ABC is doubly thankful for adopting notoginseng and lifeflower for the distinctive and robust HerbMedPro database of ABC,” said Mark Blumenthal, the ABC Founder and CEO. “Not only will these adoptions help ABC maintain science and clinical research on the two herbs up-to-date, but it will also make the public more aware of its prospective health advantages, particularly since emerging contemporary research promotes several conventional applications.”