No Place for Vacations, as a reports says ‘Half of World Beaches may disappear’

May it United Nations Climate Change Conference or any other Summit, the most talked about topic seems to be rising sea-level and soil erosion. The news of almost 50% of beaches disappearing by 2100, came as a shock. A study by European Union’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy claims the above said as their research with the help of satellite images of how the beaches have changed in last 30 years and changing climatic conditions may impact them.

It also states that rising Sea-level will be major cause of this as the global warming causing the icebergs to melt. The study says that West Africa will suffer maximum as it will lose up to sixty percent of its coastline. It further says that beaches in Canada, Mexico, China and Chile will be greatly affected as they go through maximum soil erosion.

Along with rising Sea-levels, increase of greenhouse gas emissions have also impacted on these diminishing Sea Shores and beaches as they are major contributors in global warming. The study is also backed by an expert from British Geological Survey as they say the methods used to evaluate are sound enough, but need to be handled cautiously. If no proper measures taken, the world will be left with minimal sea shores, where more than 60 % of beaches are sandy in nature.

Beaches are in fact most visited and enjoyed places of tourism, not only recreation and tourism but also one of the key reasons in safe guarding coastal communities and species from tides and storms. If this news comes to be true, there indeed will be no place for Vacations.