No more waiting for your Cannabis based Medicines: UK Government

Since ages, there has been research over the plant belonging to the family of Cannabaceae, more commonly known as Cannabis. The role of Cannabis in the field of Medical science has always been controversial, and what more complicated is the different stands of various Countries. Numerous Pharmaceutical Companies have integrated Cannabis into various medicines to treat diseases like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Nabilone which aids in nausea related to Chemotherapy, which were also approved by National Health Services in England.

As per latest advancements in this, Government of United Kingdom has stated that Patients needing Cannabis-based medicines should no longer face long delays in accessing their prescriptions and have also changed restrictions on import in order to facilitate the same.

The changes in import restrictions will lead to better availability of medicines to the patients suffering from serious and rare epilepsy along with multiple sclerosis in minimum time. This also allows that UK companies can now order and stock more from outside. Health Secretary Matt Hancock appreciated this decision as he said “tremendous step forward”, and also said that “still a long way to go” in order to improve access. This will also to more production of these cannabis based medicines in the country itself as currently most of them are imported from abroad.

Other products except medicines related to Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis that claim to be medical cannabis are legally available to buy in various health stores. These decision was welcomed by the Campaigners as they said this will uplift the burden from the patients who turned towards illegal way in order to complete their treatment.