No more reimbursements for homeopathic by France

On Tuesday, it was told by the French Healthcare Minister Agnes Buzyn in a newspaper interview that France will be ending social security reimbursements for homeopathic drugs. He further added that the new policy would be completely implemented from the beginning of 2021.

At the commencement of this year, France was recommended by the country’s health watchdog to make the move, quoting the inadequate effectiveness of the alternative medicine after there was a conductance of an investigation into how it affected conditions like anxiety or foot warts.

Le Parisien newspaper was told by Buzyn that there would be phase-out period prior to 2021, with the government initially targeting to cut refunds for the drugs from 30 percent of their cost to 15 percent as of January 2020 as an initial step.

She added that this will give the manufacturers time to get organized.

French drug and medical experts stated that homeopathic medicines should no longer be paid for by the health system of the country since there is no evidence that they work.

It was declared in a joint statement that no homeopathic preparation should be reimbursed by France’s health insurance until there is any demonstration of sufficient medical benefit been provided. There will be no university degree in homeopathy be issued by pharmaceutical or medical faculties.

The academies stated that rigorous meta-analyses hadn’t shown the effectiveness of homeopathy, but acknowledged it might have a placebo effect.

The reimbursing of these products by social security seems abnormal at a time when for economic reasons we aren’t reimbursing many classic medicines because they are more or less considered to work insufficiently well enough.

France’s social security pays for just £112m worth of homeopathy each year which is nearly 30 percent of the cost of each homeopathic treatment out of a total of €19.9 billion worth of medicines reimbursed.