No evidence in sight to infer that full-fat dairy is bad for kids

In contrary to the US health organization mandate that children above 2 years should stop indulging in fat and dietary food, scientific evidence has gone and proved them wrong by mentioning the new analysis report on role dairy plays in childhood obesity. The big picture states that the concise literature is not a full-fledged report limiting dietary intake by children to follow fat-free dairy products.

Current theory from American Heart Association, the American Academy of pediatrics and other major organizations recommends that children below 2 years only consume foods rich in fats. Australia and UK too follow a similar procedure.

Dairy is an important source of calcium and fat in addition to nutrients such as vitamin B12, protein, iodine and riboflavin.

If the child is growing normally, then he or she can switch over to a fat-free diet that will remove all complaints of being well-fed and obese, one of the serious causes of cardiovascular ailments.

UK does not prescribe skimmed milk for children under five years. It is a universally recognized fact that cardiovascular disease is the silent killer of adults worldwide. The number of obese children in the year 2030 will grow from the current 150 million to 250 million.

There’s an analysis that compounds the find that whole cow fat milk is better than low cow-fat milk in the race towards obesity though there is no cause and effect proven point here.

Though this find goes on to correlate cow fat with low obesity, one cannot take this as a doctrine because the quality of research is not up to the mark and neither does it reveal a cause and effect principle.