No-deal leads to instilled fear regarding pet travel and medicine

Pet firms have expressed concern to Connexion about the issues that Brexit is supposed to bring in.

For those who travel with pets (in the case of a no-deal or after the transition period if an agreement exists), more documentation and planning will be needed, because the use of pet passports by the citizens is now an EU rule.

Effects on the availability of livestock drugs are also concerned.

The French Riviera Animals Club, a pet rescue and regeneration group said Brexit is creating a lot of chaos for South-East animal lovers.

One more question is if British people who are moving to the UK due to Brexit will abandon any animals, likely because of difficulties in obtaining a residence permit. Connection assumes that, according to the French no-deal rules, the overwhelming majority of British people will qualify for a carte.

It is said that there is a wider concern that many Animal Refugees of Eastern Europe have agreements with the sending of dogs to shelters in the UK, where they may have better chances of adoption.

British anti-Brexit campaigner Peter Cook, writer of Let’s Talk About BREX… it (which sets out reasons to remain in the EU) and the Facebook group Cats against Brexit Mayhem, said that in a no-deal Brexit people are supposed to schedule travel with the veteran four months ahead of their continental trip.

The National Office for Animal Health in the UK (NOAH) has surveyed over 1,000 UK livestock owners and found two-thirds of the business worried about how Brexit can disrupt and some less readily available the supply of livestock drugs.

In a statement, Dawn Howard, NOAH’s Chief Executive, said that leaving the EU without a contract poses a serious risk to smooth drugs for animals to protect their health and to prevent disease and misery.