News of Africa with lowest corona-virus infected cases, arrives as a pleasant surprise

With countries facing epidemic like situations, the continent of Africa has detected only three infected cases of corona-virus. This news actually comes as a pleasant surprise as it was suspected that the continent of Africa may easily get affected by corona-virus, primary reason being its commercial links with China and secondarily the third world countries have always been blamed for poor medical facilities and infrastructure along with their weaker immune systems. The three infected people are found in Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria respectively. One more surprising fact is that the Ethiopian Airlines has not stopped even a single flight to China and back. Reason behind this wonder still remains unknown as the experts fail to unveil it.

Speaking of Nigeria, as the study states that the country is well equipped as it has Center for Disease Control available in the capital of the city and can tackle if any sort of epidemic arises. The only infected case is of an Italian working in the Nigeria.

As per the guidelines given by World Health Organisation (WHO), necessary steps are being taken by the countries. In fact a study published in the lancet Medical Journal, the team of scientists claim that countries like Algeria, Egypt and South Africa can get affected by Covid-19, irrespective of their Health and Medical systems. Few also state that, the news of Africa recorded with least number of corona-virus infected cases may also be a result of poor and inefficient medical infrastructure and system.

Irrespective of any factors, if this news is indeed true, then there is actually nothing like it as the continent of Africa is already suffering through a lot and doesn’t need any Covid-19 to create a havoc.