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New Developed Lymph Node Treats Cancer

Many disease affect the body and might be detected or not. Different diseases have different levels of being dangerous. However, the body’s immune system is responsible of taking care of the body and is able to fight of a few diseases. Yet the most dangerous ones including cancer are not yet treatable as they have evolved beyond the body’s ability to fight it.

Lymph nodes play a very important part in fighting diseases affecting the body. This inspired scientists to develop a new artificial lymph node that is able to kill different extreme diseases that the body can’t handle, including cancer. The study conducted by a team of scientists from the Johns Hopkins Medicine were able to fight cancer using their developed lymph node. The lymph nodes focuses on activating T-cells in humans to kill of cancer.

The team claims that their technology is available with low cost and can be used directly on patients who are willing to be treated. The study was led by PhD holder John Hickey who is a candidate in biomedical engineering at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He published the study and results in the Advanced Materials Journal.

Dr. John commented on his results saying, “We believe that a T-cell’s environment is very important. Biology doesn’t occur on plastic dishes; it happens in tissues. One of the surprising findings was that T-cells prefer a very soft environment, similar to interactions with individual cells, as opposed to a densely packed tissue.”