New campaign for the safeguard of Sudan’s park’s malnourished lions

New campaign for the safeguard of Sudan’s park’s malnourished lions

On Sunday, an increase in the number of online calls was observed to aid in saving 5 malnourished and ill African lions situated at a park in Sudan. Some of the callers asked for the immediate move of the lions to an improved habitat.

The lions are placed inside cages at Khartoum’s Al-Qureshi Park in the capital of Sudan. However, for many weeks now, they haven’t been provided an adequate amount of food or medicines.

Osman Salih launched an online campaign on Facebook titled #Sudananimalrescue. He wrote on the social networking site how he was shaken upon viewing the lions at the park. He wrote that the bones of the lions were visibly protruding from their skins.

He added his request directed at individuals as well as institutions to save these lions.

According to the park’s official as well as the medics, the conditions of the lions worsened in the last couple of weeks. Some lions managed to lose nearly two-thirds of their total body weight.

While speaking to AFP, a manager at Al-Qureshi Park, Essamelddine Hajjar stated how they often purchase the lions’ food from their own pockets since food isn’t readily available for them.

Khartoum municipality manages the park. It is also partly financially backed by private donors.

Sudan is undergoing an increasingly deteriorating economic crisis, driven by rising costs of foods and a shortage of foreign currency.

On Sunday, numerous citizens and journalists flooded the Al-Qureshi Park to witness the conditions of the lions themselves, following the lions’ images getting viral on various social media platforms.

According to an AFP correspondent, it was witnessed, during the park’s tour, how one of the 5 lions was tied and fed fluids via a drip to help it recover from dehydration.

Rotten meat was also seen lying nearby the cages.