New campaign: Brits in Germany persuaded to move to Brexit.

There still is instability around Brexit. But a new campaign happening on 31st October is persuading Britons in Germany to take the required and appropriate measures for it.
The Government of the United Kingdom on Monday released a very important information campaign persuading United Kingdom inhabitants settled in and migrating to the EU to take measures to get prepared for Brexit by the end of next month.
The purpose of the campaign to update more than a million United Kingdom citizens settled in the EU –inclusive of the 117,225 Britons in Germany – about particular steps they had to take to protect their rights and services in the countries they had migrated to, including information on accommodation, healthcare, driving licenses and passports.
It will also motivate people migrating to the EU to make all required preparations by checking passports, purchasing travel insurance and examining driving licenses and pet passports.
The campaign will have access to a lot of channels –ranging from posts on Facebook to huge billboard posters in villages and cities all around Europe –forcing people to take steps before the 31st October due date.
It happens even though the agreements are still in process over Brexit and no agreement has been finalized yet.
No matter what happens, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared the United Kingdom will no longer be the part of EU by October end
Listed below is what Brits have been forced to do in Germany:
– getting the residency permission is only possible via local outsiders or immigration office
– apply for healthcare facilities in Germany.
– UK driving license gets canceled and gets replaced by a license from Germany
– see whether your passport is authentic for travel. (If there is a no-deal Brexit, Brits must have minimum six months left on an adult or child passport to move to a lot of other countries in Europe).