Nature Walk to be added in student routine as a part of the curriculum says experts at Cornell University

There is research done in which the findings say the more you spend time in the natural setting the more your stress level will reduce. Interdisciplinary Cornell Team suggests it is a great away to say goodbye to physical and mental stress.

Nature therapy is a well-known concept that focuses on easy dosage as a cure from stress, anxiety, depression, and overall mind related issues. Author Gen Meredith, associate director of Master of Public Health Program and lecturer at Veterinary Medicine says the only 10 minutes outside in nature fetch fast results. The study involved 50 students from age 16 to 30 to take a walk outside in nature for a period of 10- 50 minutes, Meredith and her co-author discovered an improvement in mood, focus, blood pressures, and heart rate.

The benefits are countless if people tend to spend time with mother earth and its nature. The study is to give in-depth on the natural phenomenon effect on the human body. The changes are simple and achievable. The specialty of this research is the data collected is in minutes and not a long hour stretched exercise regime.

The Cornell students have opportunities in their campus to be in the shadow of nature and as far as urban university students are concerned, the built-in programs to grow trees are of utmost importance.

This research challenges the very basic, finite elements of nature like trees, planter, and grassy land. Co-author Donald Rakow, associate professor in the School of Integrative Plant Science, further added, the 50 minute period energizes the person and after which the body undergoes a smooth transformation of relaxing.

The overall gist of this exercise is that the daily visit to nature should be given as a pill to students. So it is not a mere wish or optional thing that people look forward to doing.