National Historic Places Day: Celebration of Penticton’s landmarks

Penticton has three places for its residents to visit & appreciate for their historic effect on the community.

The Penticton Arts Council associated with the SS Sicamous Society & Penticton Museum & Archives to offer family-friendly events throughout the day at the Penticton Museum and Archives, Leir House Cultural Centre, and the SS Sicamous. Residents who visit all the three places, regardless of the order & gather stamps from the organizers will be entered for a chance to win a prize pack.

Furthermore, a selfie Contest will be hosted by the National Trust for Canada in honor of National Historic Places Day. Residents will have to take a selfie at the historic place, post it on their social media with the hashtag #HistoricPlacesDay & tag the respective location & the National Trust for Canada. This will let you enter you for a $1,000 prize for the place you visited and $1,000 for yourself.

Bethany Handfield who administers at arts council stated that it is just about bringing some of Penticton’s history to light. The Leir House sits there & people might know about it, however, they might be unaware of the full breadth of the lives that have been lived here & the stories which it holds. And the same goes for the Sicamous, they are very visual landmarks but it is good to know a deeper history about them. Since is a national event, it draws into our Canadian pride, as well as, with our shared heritage.

On 6th July at 11 am, stop by the Leir House Cultural Centre, which is situated at 220 Manor Park Ave., to watch a free performance by Sax among Friends. At 1 p.m. the Penticton Arts Council will host a youth songwriting camp performance so that the campers can show off their hard work. The rest of the event is also full of entertaining and pleasant activities.