Mum condemns Pharmacies’ limitation on Child EpiPen Sale

Mum condemns Pharmacies’ limitation on Child EpiPen Sale

Due to shortages internationally, the EpiPen Jr supplies are constantly reducing due to pharmacies are selling only one sample to the parents at a time. The shortage is expected to continue until the start of 2020.
People were advised to not panic and remain calm by the Australian allergy experts while the patient impact was called “critical” by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Jennifer Goddard took her four-year-old son, who is allergic from peanuts to the local doctor for a revised prescription. She is from Bargo in NSW’s Wollondilly shire.

The Epipen is an adrenaline injection and is used for the treatment of conditions like cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis, and superficial bleeding. Now this shot has a child version called EpiPen Jr.

Almost all the patients who are suffering from an allergy are advised by experts to have at least two of these adrenaline devices with them all the time, to avoid any serious emergency in case of an ambulance’s delay. And so was Goddard advised by her son’s doctor.
Jennifer got to know about the suppliers’ limit of one shot per person when she visited her pharmacist.
She told 10daily that once her son has an anaphylaxis before and they had to inject him two shots and this is why the limitation has distressed her as they live 40 minutes away from a hospital.

Goddard said she was left fuming by the news as she has to have two shots saved for her son all the time as she’s supposed to keep one at daycare as well. She expressed her anger as a child can actually die due to the unavailability of the medicine.

Goddard can’t buy a spare device for the local childcare center that she manages, which is compulsory for them. She said that she has struggled at least three times to get a shot for her son at least three times.
10daily believes that the supplies of the adult model has not been affected, only the EpiPen Jr. has.