Multi-targeting partnership agreement between BioLite Japan and American BriVision

An exclusive, global study and multi-targeting partnership and licensing agreement with BioLite Japan have been announced today by the American (Holding) Corporation BriVision (OTCQB: ABV C), which is the clinical phase Biopharmaceutical Company developing Therapy Solutions for Oncology / Hematology, CNS, Ophthalmology, and Local Healthcare.

Under the terms of the agreement, in the early stages of discovery and development, BioLite Japan will identify New Chemical Entities (NCEs), New Biological Entities (NBEs), diagnostic tools, OTC supporters, biomarkers and/or medical devices, in-licensing and conducting pre-clinical research as required.  In return for brand royalties and/or milestone grants, BioLite Japan will then pass the privileges of such applicants to the Company for further clinical growth, legislative approvals and later marketing.

“We are highly happy to work in this translational research joint venture with BioLite Japan and to gain access to extra early phase item applicants that we would not otherwise have access to,” said Dr Howard Doong, Chief Executive Officer of American BriVision.  “BioLite Japan’s team has comprehensive expertise and distinguished careers in the scholarly, medical and company areas, mainly in Japan and Asia, all of which will be critical in defining the right early-stage possibilities to achieve our relationship. Also, we look forward to getting extra exposure to Japanese capital markets as we look forward to expanding beyond our Taiwan and U.S. economies in hopes of diversifying our base of investors.

American BriVision is a clinical phase biopharmaceutical firm centred on using its certified technology to perform proof-of-concept studies through Phase II of the clinical design method at world-renowned study organizations (such as Stanford University, San Francisco University of California, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) and then out-licensing goods to international pharmaceutical firms. The business is currently under growth with an effective pipeline of six medicines and one medical product (ABV-1701/Vitargus ®).