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Much required specialty care brought to the Mississippi Delta

Robert T. Brodell, MD, FAAD, has been honored as a Patient Care Hero by The American Academy of Dermatology for collaborating with his colleagues at the University of Mississippi in Oxford to order to inaugurate a dermatology clinic in the Delta.

Dr. Brodell along with his colleagues in the department of dermatology teamed up with an existing medical clinic in a classroom of Delta’s high school to provide dermatology related facilities once every month, with 12 dermatologists each of whom will agree to serve once every year. Another dermatologist extends the scope of the clinic by offering care at an urgent care center run by a university in the Delta once a month.

“When we realized the trouble Delta residents faced in accessing dermatology care, we knew we had to do something,” Dr. Brodell states. “Having a dozen dermatologists take this on together made it manageable for us to ensure consistent staffing, and we are happy to work together to meet this need.”

The clinic has presented much-needed dermatology care in the Delta, inclusive of diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

“After I noticed suspicious spots on my skin, I was able to make an appointment at the clinic immediately,” stated Cary, a Mississippi resident who had melanoma which was diagnosed by a dermatologist present at the clinic. “If the clinic didn’t exist, I may never have had those spots examined by a dermatologist.”

Numerous other departments of the University of Mississippi are also coming up with ways to distribute health care services to communities having inadequately provided services.

The AAD has initiated the Patient Care Heroes program to acknowledge physicians who change lives of numerous patients’ by putting to use their expertise in the medical field and joining forces with other physicians in order to address severe skin diseases.

“Everyone should be able to get the care they need, but seeing a specialist can be a real challenge in rural areas,” stated George J. Hruza, MD, MBA, FAAD, and the president of the AAD. “This clinic is an innovative and collaborative solution to ensure Delta residents have access to board-certified dermatologists’ expertise.”