Microsoft launches major $40M AI for Health initiative

Microsoft on Tuesday proclaimed AI for Health, a five-year, $40 million that aims to help healthcare managements leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost the health of patients and populations worldwide.

Microsoft says AI for Health – which is part of its $165 million AI for Good creativity – will help investigators, nonprofits and healthcare organizations around the world deploy with leading edge skills in the service of three key areas:

  • Fast-tracking medical research to help improve prevention, diagnoses and treatment.
  • Refining worldwide understanding of mortality and longevity to help protect against global health crises.
  • Dropping health inequity and improving access to care for underserved populations.

AI for Health is a humanitarian initiative that complements the broader work in Microsoft Healthcare. Through AI for Health they will be backing specific nonprofits and speculative cooperation with Microsoft’s best data scientists, access to best AI tools and cloud totaling to select grants.

It is a privileged to experience AI for Health at Microsoft to fuse AI and data to address the world’s greatest tests.

“As a tech company, it is our responsibility to ensure that organizations working on the most pressing societal issues have access to our latest AI technology and the expertise of our technical talent,” as quoted for a source.