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Mercury Is Not Harmful For You Dog

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend, with many care in their direction. Humans tend to take good care of their pets. This has raised many different theories that aren’t necessarily right including the fact that excess mercury in a dog’s diet is harmful.

A recent study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of California, Davis,  were focused on understanding the effect of mercury on dogs. The study included testing almost 24 diets that are being intake by different dogs. The results showed that only 3 diets had low mercury levels with only 1 of the other 21 diets actually being dangerous; with traces of methylmercury.

The study was led by a nutrition resident at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital called Rae Sires who published the study and the results in the Topics In Companion Animal Medicine. She commented on her results saying, “The concentrations detected are unlikely to pose a risk to healthy adult dogs. That is the form where we worry about bioaccumulation or the ability to become more concentrated in animal tissues as it moves through the food chain. We know there is some level of total mercury in commercial dog foods based on recent studies, but we didn’t yet know whether it is cause for concern.”

The conclusion shows that mercury is not dangerous and the different levels of methylmercury in a dog’s diet is not a related to excess intake of mercury.