• Medtecs and ACO International are going to start a joint venture.
  • Plan is to develop a platform for product development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

Medtecs International has entered into a partnership with ACO International regarding a joint venture (JV). The purpose of JV is to build a fully vertically integrated platform that would ease product development, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Incorporated in 2015 by a group of professionals possessing deep relationships across the US healthcare market and extensive knowledge in the medical product supply chain, ACO is a special purpose vehicle. ACO will assist Medtecs in site selection for the construction of a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) production facility. Upon Medtecs’ approval of the proposal site, both partners will assist JV Company Resilient Medical with the purchase as well as development of the site, along with other matters in this regard. ACO and Medtecs are supposed to have an equal stake in Resilient Medical.

Medtecs’ board expects the JV to enable the group to expand its manufacturing capabilities and product offerings. Ultimately, this expansion is expected to expand the revenue streams of Medtecs. To tap into the growing market demand for PPE products worldwide and specifically, the American market, Medtecs’ is planning to leverage not only ACO’s business network, but also resources and competitive strengths.

ACO has connections to a large and significant network of health systems, hospitals and healthcare-related providers as well as organizations.