Medicare for All Hidden Side

Medicare for All Hidden Side

The first is that we have had a government-run healthcare test program for more than 100 years and it was a failure and an embarrassment. Veterans are trying to escape the closed ecosystem of healthcare in the VA and use doctors and facilities in the private sector.

Instead, the idea’s supporters like to describe it as Canadian healthcare. While everybody in Canada is actually covered by a national health insurance system and medication is “free,” provision of the scheme alone is worthless without services.

Health policy researcher Sally Pipes knows a lot about health care in Canada and is not endorsing what she learns. Pipes argues at Fox News that, “Canada’s socialized medicine system is actually a disaster, leaving hospitals overcrowded, understaffed and unable to accommodate certain patients. Americans will face the same grim fact if’ Medicare-for-all’ takes root here in Canada.” That’s because the dark irony to socialized medicine is that in principle treatment may be “fair,” but patients are forced to take root here.

Pipes states, “Coverage does not always guarantee coverage. According to a National think tank, the Fraser Institute, people were waiting for a total of almost 20 weeks to seek specialty services after a general physician was assigned in 2018.

The delay doctors faced 25 years ago is more than twice that. “What’s more, waiting can be dangerous.” Dr. Roland Orfaly of the British Columbia Anesthesiologists ‘ Society reported that more than 300 patients died in the province waiting for surgery from 2015 to 2016 due to a shortage of anesthesiologists. “Those 300 deaths did not occur across Canada. Rationing deaths were in a single regional health authority and that province alone has five health authorities!

Pipes noted, “Shortages of critical medical staff and equipment are widespread in Canada. The country has less than three physicians for every 1,000 people, placing it 26th of 28 nations with universal health insurance systems. When current trends continue, the nation will be short of 60,000 full-time nurses in just three years.”

“The situation is so bad that Australians who can’t wait for treatment are forced to travel to the U.S. to pay for healthcare out of their own pocket. Bernie and Lie-Mawatha are those people who would be pushed into the front of any waiting line for healthcare because they are pace after all.