Measles more contagious than Ebola; turned a family vacation into a nightmare

Eight months back, for a family, a holiday in heaven turned into a dreadful experience. Immediately after they arrived at Costa Rica, their 5-year-old son who was not vaccinated developed measles, which was the first case of the country for the last 5 years. To their dread, the parents were also not vaccinated hence tested positive for the disease as well. The family, according to what is believed, carried the virus with them from France, where they reside.

The family was then taken into isolation, and the authorities of their travel destination contacted the people who were at risk. A couple of weeks later, two children from America, who were also not vaccinated, developed measles. The authorities again had to take a quick action to prevent it from spreading.

Measles is considered to be more contagious than the deadly Ebola virus, flu or tuberculosis (TB). There is no specific treatment for the disease and one can easily catch it from the surfaces or the air for as long as 2 hours after a visit is paid by an infected person. Since it is highly infectious, experts of health see it as a threatening sign that there is an issue with the coverage of vaccination.

When the vaccination rate was measured two years back, the rate of vaccination in Costa Rica was 96 percent for the disease which is a clear indication that the people of this place should not be at risk of developing the disease. In the same year, the rate of vaccination or the measles coverage in France stood at only 90 percent.

This is not a surprising reveal since in the light of the common concern about childhood vaccines in France. 1/3rd of the French population consider vaccines as unsafe, which is the highest rate in the world.