One might think marijuana can be used as a medicinal drug only for the temptation of one’s own body for a provisional happiness which hardly lasts for some time. Yet, a drug specialist David Guba Jr. said in his report that Paris had been an ‘epicenter’ of an international movement to medicalize Hashish, a substance produced from the compressed developed ovary of a cannabis plant.

In the 18th century, many pharmacists working considered Hashish as a dangerous and an intoxicated from the Arab civilization still can be domesticated a solution against the most terrifying diseases back then. During the inception of the period, in the late 1830s, pharmacists prepared anything and everything they could infuse with Hashish, like edibles, tinctures, alcohols, and even Cigarettes for people suffering from asthma across the country. Hashish became the base pillar for the careers of most of the French pharmacists by legal commercial sales, publishing thesis, and publishing articles for its oral benefits.  A French Epidemiologist Louis R. Aubert-Roche once handling a case of a patient suffering from plague came to know that the plague was not transmitted to the central nervous system. He initially misinterpreted Hashish as the symptom-relieving drug for plague and he believed it was the bad air that transmitted the plague to CNS. Later did he come to know that the drug cannot be neglected.

Everything, when taken in excess, has proved harmful to the human body. Hashish has its own benefits if taken in a controllable manner under a doctor’s prescription.