Marathoners for Medicine Making a Difference

In the Centre County, a group of runners that are local to that territorial area who are called Marathoners for Medicine (MfM) is making a giant impact within the community.

What makes this group distinct is that they take their love for running past the track and raise money to assist others within the community, especially those at Centre Volunteers in Medicine.

CVIM can be considered as a  free clinic that gives Centre County citizens and people working in Centre County who don’t have any insurance and allows to take advantage of all primary health care, emergency and restorative dental aid, medication aid and case management services.

Marathoners for Medicine may be a group of runners who are training for marathons and raising money for patients. These marathoners run their race and they have created personal webpages and have a donation page/section which sends their part of the charity to center volunteers in medicine. The Members of Marathoners for Medicine share links on their personal webpages and ask their family and friends to donate to the Centre Volunteers in Medicine. These marathoners say that they are proud of themselves for what they are doing for the society.