Major Drugs Shortage in United Kingdom

Major Drugs Shortage in United Kingdom

There is a shortage of basic medication, according to a report, including painkillers, contraceptives and diabetes tablets, in the United Kingdom, reducing the ease of access to every major type of prescription. These medications also include statins, antidepressants, eye drops, wound dressings and decongestants, sending people empty-handed after having shown up at the pharmacy with a GP prescription. This drug crisis could cause an effect on millions who would be in desperate need of a certain type of medical treatment.

There are 36 different types of everyday medications that are falling out of stock. Pharmacists seem to be living on the edge of shortages, by trying every hour a day to source medication from different GPs and wholesalers. According to a survey done, 84% of 402 pharmacy workers that were interviewed, claim to have experienced shortages of HRT over the past six months. Two thirds of them said that there seem to be a shortage of contraceptive pills and more than a fifth claimed a shortage of diabetes drugs.

Dr Jameel said: “Practices often won’t know that a drug is in short supply until patients return from the pharmacy, and these extra GP appointments can dramatically add to their already burgeoning workload — as well as distressing patients by delaying their treatment.”

A Department of Health spokesman said: “We fully understand the concerns of those who require medications in their daily lives and want to reassure them that we are doing everything appropriate so they can access the medicines they need.”

This shortage required immediate action, as this could put the lives of people at risk.