Maharashtra government diktat to curb medicine shortage, ease patients’ woes

In a view to avoid the shortage circumstances of medicines in public health system, the government has asked to make the purchase order before the commencement of new fiscal year. A review studies that half a year is wasted in placing the purchase which amounts to a burden on the customer as they have to spend more to buy these medicines which ultimately leads to corruption and no definite supply.

According to a 2017 GR, medicines, equipments and the consumables used by a state-run institute are to place the orders with government-owned Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Ltd. which will be centrally operated. Many sources claimed that the centralized is not very efficient and slow. With the order net worth Rs. 400 crores, seems to be streamlined according to Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh, managing director for Haffkine which has also encouraged other players to supply medicines to the government.

Public health minister stated that all institutes to place their orders by February so that the same is received in time which does not impact on the shortage and is streamlined. A senior public health officer stated that the timeline for the procurement needs to be shorter.