Lung-disease outbreak increases ‘quit vaping searches’

E-cigarettes are being sold for more than a decade in Boston but 2019 summer serious lung injuries began appearing for those using e-cigarette specially adolescents and young adults.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by end of January 2020 reported more than 2,700 cases for e-cigarette associated lung injury with a confirmed 60 deaths in 27 states.

The cases are investigated to be linked with vaping of marijuana, but before this was reported, people using nicotine e-cigarettes became concerned.

Sara Kalkhoran, an investigator at MGH’s Tobacco Research and Treatment Center stated if e-cigarettes were stopped or it increased people’s desire to quit.

Kalkhoran researched by using google searches trends which confirmed as an increase by 3.7-fold during Evali outbreak. Which also indicated that healthcare providers needed to strongly ask patients specifically about vaping since they might not take themselves as smoking.

People are looking to quit these products so that they can actually help them clinically and they don’t have to search information on internet.